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Jewelry Organizer

Don’t our closets have enough stuff? I don’t know about you, but my bedroom closet is filled to the brim. I mean it. Between my shirts, tanks, skirts, dresses, pants, sweaters and shoes, there just isn’t any more room. That’s probably why I find this next jewelry storage solution so funny. Now I am suppose to fit all of my jewelry in my closet? Two words for you… YEAH RIGHT!

But maybe it’s just me. Maybe most women have room for a jewelry organizer in their closet? Maybe this very popular jewelry organizer is a genius invention? Let’s take a closer look!

On the bright side… this typical jewelry organizer fits 70 to 100 pieces and keeps your jewelry somewhat clutter free. However, it’s also NOT stylish, DOESN’T have a mirror, CAN’T hold big bangles or bulky necklaces, requires closet space and worst of all, MISSHAPES your jewelry! That’s right Ladies jewelry isn't intended to be shoved into tiny little plastic pockets. Jewelry is meant to be displayed both when it’s on us and off us…. so why are we fighting it?

Now, take a look at the NEW jewelry organizer, AKA the BlingBox from DENY Designs. Right away, you can see the differences with this jewelry organizer. The BlingBox is EXTREMELY stylish, requires no closet space, offers great storage for big bangles and bulky necklaces, has a large mirror, holds more than 350 pieces of jewelry AND keeps your jewelry it’s natural shape, the way it was intended!

So leave the closet for the clothes and shoes… after all our jewelry deserves a better home!

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