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Jewelry Stand

It’s time to grow up people!

Like many women, I LOVE to shop. And recently, no matter which type of store I go into I keep finding these funky looking jewelry stands! They are everywhere and they are all different. Some of them look like a tree, others look like a headless mannequin, and some of them even look like human hands! And while I do think some of them are cute… you should know that the cute I am thinking is something for my 5-year-old goddaughter!

I don’t understand how these jewelry stands are a draw for a grown woman! Not only are these stands far from sophisticated, they are also the least bit useful. After all, how many of these jewelry stands do you need to buy to actually organize your current jewelry box? By the time you are done buying a stand for earrings, one for necklaces, another one for rings and yet another one for bracelets, the top of your dresser is sure to look like a jewelry tree forest! Plus, can I point out the biggest flaw of these stands…. DUST! I don’t know about you but I prefer NOT to have to Pledge my jewelry before wearing it.

Now when it comes to USEFUL jewelry storage solutions, I am biased. But wouldn’t you be if you were comparing these jewelry stands to our BlingBox AKA the Jewelry Stand of 2011 I mean just take a look at our wall mounted jewelry armoire. Not only is it sophisticated, it holds up to 350 pieces of jewelry in ONE place and perhaps the best, yet overlooked feature… NO DUST! Well no dust, as long as you close the door. Come on ladies isn’t it time for us to ditch the cutesy products and grow up?

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