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Minimalism The Art of Clearing Space

The Art of Clearing Space: Intentional Space Design

Summer has flown the coop and winter is just around the corner. The time we spent outdoors basking in the amber sunlight of a summer evening will turn to short days, most of which will be spent snuggled indoors. With the changing of seasons we’ve found ourselves in a position of curiosity…

What would life be like if the change of seasons also brought about a shift of our state of mind? What would happen if we clear our minds and our homes of the things that no longer served us to make room for something that brought us more joy?

We all know there is beauty in the sparseness of simplicity. But the question to be answered is, in a world where we the line between wants and needs are blurred, how do we become more intentional with our home and our lives? How do we challenge the consumerist world we live in and create our “happy home”?

Minimalism The Art of Clearing Space

The Diagnosis

Living in a world of the latest and greatest has taught us to be collectors of many things. Often, we fall prey to trends, fads and Instagram-perfection and it causes us to lose sight of our true north. And with constant notifications, messages and information coming at us every second of the day, the thing we need most is a space to clear our minds at the end of the day. Now more than ever, the call to home requires a place to reset, recharge and realign with our truest selves.

The Solution

Evaluate What's Important

Take a step back for a second. When we don’t allow ourselves to slow down and see the big picture, we run the risk of operating on auto-pilot until we break down from exhaustion. Have you stopped to think what makes up your home? A great place to start is everyone’s favorite book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. While extreme at times, the basic principles of the book are all we need to get started. Ask yourself, what purpose is this serving? You may have loved something years ago when you brought it to your home, but...do you still love it? It’s okay to change your tastes. It’s okay to clear out space.

Do a Digital Detox

In the spirit of clearing physical space in your home, we can’t forget about the health of our minds. Imagine your brain as if it is the desktop on your computer, constantly adding files and folders of information you acquire throughout the day. Time to clear out? We think so. A great place to start is podcast Note To Self’s Bored and Brilliant Project where host Manoush Zomorodi guides you on a week long challenge to rethink your relationship with your phone.

Step 3: Create your space

Now that you’ve removed what’s no longer serving you, it’s time to think about what will. We always refer back to the quote of the English textile designer and poet from the 1800s, William Morris, who so wisely said:

“If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

We truly believe this is one of our strongest values at Deny. If you are going to fill your walls, make your bed or add style to your home, you might as well absolutely LOVE it. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something that is an expression of yourself or your family and adds to the ultimate cherished space you aim to create.

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