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DENY CityFabric Inc

CityFabric Inc DC White Quatrefoil Clock


dc white

Quatrefoil Clock

by cityfabric inc


Artist: cityfabric inc

Art Title: dc white

Tick tock, tick tock. When time feels like it's standing still, check out DENY’s Quatrefoil Clock. Paired with the art of your choice, this Quatrefoil Clock is just what you need to make the day go by just a little bit faster.

- Printed front featuring DENY Gallery Artwork and coordinating clock hands

- Quartz movement

- Mounting hardware included

- Custom made in the USA

- Estimated Ship Date: 5-10 business days

- This item is eligible for a return or exchange in new condition within 30 days

Small: 14" x 17" x 1/4"

Medium: 23" x 28" x 1/4"

Get To Know The Artist You're Supporting

Cityfabric Inc

Raleigh, North Carolina

With an education in Urban Planning, Design and Landscape Architecture. Matt Tomasulo has a love for all things city-related. Through this passion, CityFabric, Inc was born. It began as a basic project portraying Raleigh, North Carolina through simple, beautiful, data-driven maps and has since turned into a collection of 15+ cities. It is Matt’s belief that the more people talk about where they live, the greater their involvement with their community.