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Elena Blanco Miren Mini Art Print



Mini Art Print

by elena blanco


Elena Blanco Miren Mini Art Print
Elena Blanco Miren Mini Art Print

Sometimes the best art comes in mini packages. These mini art prints make a cute and space-conscious option to sprinkle in decor to any tight space. Put them on a desk to help refine your office style or use them to fill in gaps on a gallery wall for a look that's uniquely you. They're available with an optional poplar wood stand for a warm and sleek display option. PRO TIP: Mini art prints are a great way to test out new decor styles as you can outfit your desk with different looks before graduating to the bigger prints to hang in your home.

- 120lb high quality paper

- Optional poplar wood stand

- Wood stand dimension 2.5" x 1.25" x .75"

Print size is 4" x 3"

Wood stand dimension 2.5" x 1.25" x .75"

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Elena Blanco

London, England

I love literature and my work refers to narratives, poems, dreams and imaginations. I enjoy doodling and playing with paints. My style is exploratory, imaginative and playful. I like watercolour and ink because of their beautiful luminosity. I studied architecture in Barcelona and love cities. I moved to London in 2001 where I settled with an English partner and two kids. I live in a lively area of South London called Herne Hill in an old Victorian House that needs continuous repairing but inspire me a lot.