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Shower Curtain And Mat

DENY Elizabeth St Hilaire

Elizabeth St Hilaire Spring Tree Shower Curtain And Mat


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About the Artist

elizabeth st hilaire

Meticulously torn bits of hand-painted papers, delicately put together, form the exceptionally vibrant collages created by artist Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson. Born and raised in New England, she has lived in Central Florida for the past 17 years. Elizabeth’s love of collage started with a scrap box of childhood memoirs that her father had passed down to her. Stuffing these tidbits into a box beneath her bed seemed very anticlimactic so she decided to find a way to incorporate these papers, notes and snippets into a figurative collage “painting.” Her technique has evolved and changed as a result of experimentation with hand-painted, hand-made, and found papers, maps, magazines, and memorabilia. Elizabeth draws inspiration from potential collage materials that she comes across in her day-to-day; fortune cookies, tea-bag tags and the kids’ homework included!

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Shower Curtain And Mat

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