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Ninola Design Holiday Rain Ornament Hexagon


holiday rain

Ornament Hexagon

by ninola design


Ninola Design Holiday Rain Ornament Hexagon
Ninola Design Holiday Rain Ornament Hexagon

Deck your tree with DENY art this season with the DENY Ornament! Created from birch wood, the circle and octagon quarter-inch ornaments bring your personality to your branches. With beautiful designs to choose from, every tree can look better than Rockefeller Center.

- Natural birch wood

- Printed front side with matte finish and a natural wood back side

- Natural hemp string loop

- Custom made for every order

- Estimated Ship Date: 5 - 10 business days

- 4 1/2" point to point


- 4" edge to edge x 1/4"

Get To Know The Artist You're Supporting

Ninola Design

Valencia Spain

Ninola is a print design studio based on Valencia, Spain, specialized in create watercolor artworks and patterns designs to make common things more beautiful. The artist and designer behind the studio is Laura Muñoz Estellés: Laura’s work is the result of a multidisciplinary learning process through fashion, fine arts and textiles. Her artistic talent has been cultivated through years in the fashion industry, by creating patterns for apparel, accessories and product lines. She aims to create by revealing the potential of a joyful spirit, by setting free the forgotten child that lies within all of us, honestly and without prejudices, figuring out new ways of expression, in a constant search for the non-existent yet, for the unexpected and surprising, the emotion of playing and enjoyment, enthusiasm, the might of colors and the naïve curiosity of innocence.Painting and illustrating, playing and experiencing with textures and shades, releasing hand in an intuitive and boundless way. Thus the rivers of watercolors and inks are her most beloved way of expression, their randomness and inaccuracy, the inherent element of luck and surprise, making each work unrepeatable, each one a spontaneous order… Where colors flow.